Monday, December 31, 2012

Pantheon Mondays: Divinius and Dracos


Virgin Goddess of the Hunt

Greater Goddess of The Moon(s)            
 Neutral Good
Portfolio: Magic, Hunting, the moon, Luck
Major Spheres: Astral, Charm, Combat, Divination, Healing, Numbers, Sun, Travelers.
Minor Spheres: Animal, Protection, Necromancy, War, Weather
Requirements for Specialty Priests:WIS:17  INT:15
Specialty Priest Weapons: Any Silver, Bows
Armor Allowed: Any Silver, leather
Races Allowed: Human, Elves, Half-elves
Proficiencies: (Bonus) Astronomy, Hunting
Granted Powers:
·         Turn Undead
·         Detect Undead 1/day 
·         +2 to hit with any bow
·         At 3rd Level: Detect magic 3/day, Identify once a month as per the mage spell.
·         5th Level: Detect Evil/Good 3/day., Detect Invisibility 3/day
·         12th Level: Detect scrying 1/week
·         18th level: Foresight 1/month
Signature Spells: Moonbeam (2X duration and Range), Moonbow, Moonshield (No material component requirement), Moonfire (unlimited max damage), All arrow spells do +1 damage per die of damage or +3 damage, whichever is higher.
Specialty Priests of Divinus call themselves Divininans, they wear light hunting armor, often polished to a high sheen for festivals but camouflaged otherwise. The holy symbol of Divinus is a silver-white or blue-white crescent moon, and the longbow. The Elves also call her "The Grey lady." She is the Goddess of The Grey Elves and Patron of Women.
Relationship with Other Priesthoods: Divinus’ clerics get along with most other good clerics.


Non-Dragon Followers of Dracos are normal clerics, but rare. The First thing a follower needs to acknowledge is the superiority of the Dragon race.                Dracos has no holy symbol, although non-dragon followers usually carry a dragon scale or claw.
Relationships with Other Priesthoods: Clerics of Dracos are rare, and fall beneath the notice of most other temples.

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