Monday, December 10, 2012

Pantheon Mondays: Dagan and Deius


Gege the Viper God

Greater Elemental God (earth)                   
 True Neutral
Portfolio: Earthquakes, Burrowing creatures
Major Spheres: Animal, Healing, Elemental, Plant, Summoning, War, Wards
Minor Spheres: Guardian, Numbers, Protection.
Requirements for Specialty Priests: CON:12  WIS:15, Any alignment that includes Neutral
Specialty Priest Weapons: Any Metal
Armor Allowed: Any metal
Races Allowed: Dwarves, Gnomes, Halflings (Humans and Half-Elves may follow Dagan as Druids)
Proficiencies: (Bonus) Signalling (Underground), Stonemasonry, Spelunking
Granted Powers:
·         Cannot turn undead.
·         See as if sunny day underground.
·         At 3rd Level: Meld into stone 3/times a day.
·         5th Level: Rock to Mud once a week, Mud to Rock once a week.
·         12th Level: Earthquake once a day
·         18th level: Conjure Earth Elemental once a week until  21st level when it becomes once a day.
Signature Spells: Crawling Darkness (2X Duration, improves AC by 6 instead of 4), Stones to Snakes (Same as Sticks to Snakes, except for component), Edge of Arumdina (available even though not allowed by sphere)
Specialty Priests of Dagan call themselves Daganites, they wear Brown robes over armor,which is often scale designed to look like snakeskin. The holy symbol of Dagan is a Viper. Daganites are celibate, mostly female and rarely any fun to be with unless you are a Daganite. (Dagan is also called Gege, his followers Gegenites)
Relationships with Other Priesthoods: The Church of Dagan is at open war with the church of Cambrus, which doesn't seem to really care.


True Neutral (good)
Followers of Deius are regular Clerics. They believe he is the only true god, and thus are outlawed, even hunted in some places. they call themselves "The Illumined" or the Chosen ones. Their holy symbols are a torch or a 10-stone tree-of-life.
Relationships with Other Priesthoods: As is expected, the priests of Deius get along with no one, regardless of alignment.

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