Monday, December 3, 2012

Pantheon Mondays: Crair


The Unbroken Rune, The Hidden Script

Lesser Deity of Knowledge                                                                                                                      Neutral
Portfolio: Letters, Words, Symbols
Major Spheres: Charm, Creation, Divination, Guardian, Law, Thought, Wards
Minor Spheres: Animal, Healing, Numbers, Plant, Sun, Time, War
Requirements for Specialty Priests:  Wis 15, Int 12, Neutral Alignment, cannot be multiclassed.
Specialty Priest Weapons: Blunt
Armor Allowed: Any
Races Allowed: Any with a written language
Proficiencies: (Required) Read/Write native language (Bonus) Dwarven Runes (or another Runic writing), Maths, Languages, Modern (pick 2), Languages, Ancient (pick 1), Linguistics, Cryptography, Spellcraft 
Granted Powers:
·         Cannot turn undead, but can turn fiends
·         Can use any magic item involving runes or writing allowed to mages or clerics.
·         Can cast spells as a general mage of 5 levels lower. That is to say, starting at level 6, acts as if a multiclassed mage/cleric with a 5 level difference between levels. Note that he cannot cast spells in armor, and that races which cannot become mages may only have this ability rarely, and with DM’s permission.
·         Saving throws as if a mage/cleric (takes whichever is better for situation)
·         THAC0 is one point better per level than cleric. (When cleric is 18, specialty priest is 17, etc.)
·         Casting time of all spells is reduced by one half
·         Read Language as per the spell once a day
·         2% magic resistance per level
Signature Spells: Spell-to-Rune, Spell-to-Rune II,  (all evocable runes made by the priest are permanent until cast), Imbue Item or Weapon with Rune (can cast without access to sphere), Restore Rune (Although a 6th level spell, cast as if 4th level, requires no material components), True Name (no material component required), Weavesong (may disregard one failed ability check)
Specialty Priests of Crair lack some of the more common aspects of clerics, having few healing spells, and lacking the ability to turn undead. They make up for this by being wizards with words, sometimes literally. Their holy symbol is a specific rune, but they rarely show it to outsiders. All of Crair’s priests are specialty priests, but they believe that the knowledge their god shares must be kept hidden from the masses, so it is not uncommon for Crair’s priests to actively hide that they are clerics. For this reason he is also sometimes called “the Hidden Script.”
Relationships with Other Priesthoods: Because Crair’s clerics build no temples and actively hide from the public they are not known of in many places. In countries that have established or state faiths, Crair’s worship is often outright illegal.

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