Monday, January 7, 2013

Pantheon Mondays: Eos

Eos, Goddess of dawn

Lesser Elemental God (Air)                                                                                                                                               True Neutral
Portfolio: Light, East Winds and sunshine
Major Spheres: Astral, Divination, Necromantic, Sun, Weather.
Minor Spheres: Charm, Elemental (All), Healing, Summoning, Travelers
Requirements for Specialty Priests: DEX:12  WIS:15, at least partially neutral alignment
Specialty Priest Weapons: Any Bludgeoning, also Sunblades
Armor Allowed: None
Races Allowed: All are welcome
Proficiencies: (Bonus) Astronomy, Direction Sense, Soothsaying
Granted Powers:
·         Turn Undead. When against undead damaged by sunlight, as 5 levels higher.
·         Never loses CON from being resurrected by clerics of their faith
·         Light as per the Cleric spell at Will
·         3rd Level: Magic Missile as per the mage spell once a day.
·         5th Level: protection from fire automatically
·         12th Level: Levitate once a day, Sunray once a week
·         18th level: Continuous youth (Character never appears to age, regardless of age)
·         30th level: Resurrection 2/ week
Signature Spells: Boon of Lathander (can cast despite not having access to sphere), Sunrise (3X area of effect), Sunscorch (never misses), Resurrection (never fails)
Druids, Clerics and Specialty Priests of Eos all call themselves Eosians, although the specialty priests are known as “First order of Eos” within their temples. They wear bright colors, often with robes or capes that fade from blue-black at the top to pale yellow at the bottom. The holy symbol of Eos is a coin-like disc with a clear sphere of Citrine in the center. Eos also has druids and normal clerics. Druids of Eos can turn undead, and in addition to the normal druid spheres have major access to the sun sphere. Druids and normal clerics of Eos also get the same level bonus as specialty priests when turning undead damaged by sunlight. Druids of Eos practice in a solitary way and do not form groups, although druids of Eos in an area with many druids may participate in their rituals. Druids of Eos may not use druidic poisons.
Relationship with Other Priesthoods: Clerics of Eos tend to be apolitical, although many cities build shrines and temples to their goddess in the hopes of attracting them (and their potent resurrection spells.) Eosians

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