Friday, September 7, 2012

Proficiency of the Week: Bowyer, Fletcher, and Bowyer/Fletcher

Question: The AD&D Player's Handbook has Bowyer/Fletcher as a single warrior proficiency that takes one slot, but uAD&D Core Rules recommends Bowyer and Fletcher as two separate proficiencies under general. Which is right, and why?

Answer:  They are both right. A player who is a warrior can take Bowyer/Fletcher for one slot. A player who doesn't have access to the warrior proficiency skills tree would have to spend two slots for that. Several people pointed out that it was completely reasonable for a non-warrior to be making arrows for private use, and have great skill at it, and to that end we said you could take either bowyer or fletcher for one slot. This gives the warrior an opportunity for a tiny bonus, and removes a penalty in other situations. This is sort of like the Clockwork and Engineering Bundle.


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