Monday, September 24, 2012

Cleric Spell: Presented w/out comment

Well. A little comment.
This came to be because someone said "It's sad that there are so few racial halfling spells, and that they are all for clerics of Yondalla."

Biscuits of Death

SPHERE: Plant, Animal
DURATION: Until damage occurs
CASTING TIME: 1 segment per handful of food
AREA OF EFFECT: up to 1 handful of food per level
Part spell, part parlor trick, a halfling using Biscuits of Death can throw any fresh food at a target and have that piece of food do damage as if a hurled rock or sling stone. After doing its damage, and upon coming to rest on the ground or another surface, the food will return to its normal state. After all, there is no sense in being wasteful. The food will not be damaged in the slightest by the contact with the opponent. Thrown eggs will not crack, thrown cookies will not crumble, thrown fruit will not bruise. Each ‘handful’ of food counts as one sling bullet or stone, and will stick together until doing damage. The magical properties of the food will last until someone attempts to eat it, or it does damage from being thrown. Only halflings can benefit from this spell, and only halflings can cast it. If the food is thrown by a non-halfling, it will do its normal damage.

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