Monday, September 3, 2012

Pantheon Mondays:Aerolus


Greater Elemental God                                       
Chaotic Good
Portfolio: The Winds, protection from storms.
Major Spheres: Animal (avian only,)  Astral, Chaos, Healing, Elemental, Sun, Weather.
Minor Spheres: Charm, Guardian, Plant, Protection, Travelers
Requirements for Specialty Priests: DEX:12  WIS:15, non-evil alignment
Specialty Priest Weapons: Any thrown, esp. Bow, Javelin, Spear, and flails
Armor Allowed: Any, preferably scale mail , any shields
Races Allowed: Elves, Half-Elves, Halfling, Human
Proficiencies: (Required) None (Bonus)Navigation, Weather Sense
Granted Powers:
·         Turn Undead
·         Gust of Wind once a day as per the Mage spell.
·         At 3rd Level: Featherfall, at Will.
·         5th Level: Cleric can summon an Avian "phantom steed"
·         8th Level: Fly 3 times a day.
·         At 12th Level, 18th level and 21st level, the character can pick up one avian form to shapeshift into three times a day.
Signature Spells: Conjure Air or Water Elemental (bonuses only for Air,) Cloud of Purification, Wind Blast, Windborne, Windlance. (All cast as if priest were 3 levels higher, +1 to each damage die done by spells.)
Specialty Priests of Aerolus call themselves Leolians, they wear pale blue flowing robes and favor headbands and jewelry with sapphires, bright blue star sapphires and other transparent blue stones.  In fact, the holy relic of Aerolus is a Star Sapphire shaped like a small egg. The Holy Symbol of the Leolians is usually a pendant with an oval star sapphire. It is a religion that favors a greater good, and beliefs that, by their nature, any laws that don't favor the greater good are not laws.  Leolians never pay taxes, and can expect to get sprung from jail if they are jailed for it.
Relationships with Other Priesthoods:  The Leolians and the Silken Hand of Destiny (followers of Mercurious) loathe each other, but both will tend to resort to manipulation of a legal system to fight each other over physical combat. Leolians are one of the only groups of clerics that don’t kiss up to followers of Denarus, as they see money as an unimportant distraction from reality.

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