Monday, January 21, 2013

Pantheon Monday: Fortuna


Goddess of Luck                                                                                                                                                     Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio: Luck, Time, Money, Agriculture
Major Spheres: Chaos, Charm, Divination, Numbers, Plant, Protection, Time, Wards.
Minor Spheres: Animal, Creation, Combat, Healing, Necromancy, Travelers
Requirements for Specialty Priests: CHR:15, WIS:13, Neutral Alignment
Specialty Priest Weapons: Any small or thrown
Armor Allowed: Leather, Elven chain, no shields
Races: Any
Proficiencies: (Bonus) Agriculture, Gaming
Granted Powers:
·         Turn Undead 2 levels lower
·         Player may re-roll one die roll per in-game day.
·         Character and all allies within 30ft of character have a +50% to luck rolls, enemies within 20 yards have a -50%
·         100 luck score (if character ceases to be a priest of fortune, they must roll a new Luck score)
·         +2 to hit and damage with all weapons of proficiency
·         +2 to all saving throws
·         Once a year, the character may enchant a coin bearing their goddess’ image as a luckstone. It is assumed the character begins his career with one.
·         Luck Restoration (as per the spell) 1/day
Signature Spells: Alter Luck and Luckbolt (Although 6th level spells, they are treated in all ways as 4th level), All “Protection from” spells with the word “radius” in the title have a 2X radius when cast by a specialty priest of Fortuna.
Specialty Priests of Fortuna call themselves The Priests of Fortune. The majority of Fortuna’s followers above 0th level are either simple clerics or mercenary men-at-arms. Her holy symbol is a coin bearing an image of the goddess on one side and a wheel of fortune on the other. Followers of Fortuna often tithe as much as 25% of their income to temples of Fortuna. No one is sure where the money goes, but often a cleric of Fortuna who just happens to have a specific spell memorized will stumble upon a devout believer in Fortuna just as he or she needs that spell.
Relationships with Other Priesthoods:  Everyone tries to get on the goodside of priests of fortune.

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