Monday, January 28, 2013

Pantheon Mondays: Horae, Itat, Jasia


Greater God of Time                                                                                                                                                       Lawful Neutral
Portfolio: Time, aging, Elves, patience, Alchemy, Magic
Horae’s clerics are regular clerics, he has no specialty priests. His Holy symbol is an eye.
Relationships with Other Priesthoods: Horae tends to be worshipped at the fringes of society, in small groups and secret temples in the deep deserts and dark jungles. As such, his clerics have no real contact outside of their own orders.

Itat, Lord of the Silver Blade           

Lesser God of Justice                                                                                                                                                          Chaotic Good
Portfolio: Justice, stealth and thievery
Major Spheres: Charm, Combat, Divination, Guardian, Wards
Minor Spheres: Healing, Necromantic, Travelers
Requirements for Specialty Priests: DEX:17, WIS:13, CG or NG alignment
Specialty Priest Weapons: Swords and Daggers
Armor Allowed: All, Any shields
Races Allowed: Any
Proficiencies: (Bonus) Appraisal, Fencing
Granted Powers:
·         Turn Undead.
·         May use non-fatal poisons without it being considered an evil act.
·         At 3rd Level: Move Silently 20% +2d4% each level after 3rd
·         8th Level: Hit with all swords at +3
·         18th level: Invisibility at Will
Signature Spells: Sparkling Sword (2X duration in both forms), Edge of Arumdina and Metal skin (spell is counted as one level lower, result is non-ferrous), Blade Bless (allowed despite not having major access to Healing sphere)
Specialty Priests of Itat call themselves The Blades, and about 50% of them are Paladins, not Thief-Clerics like those above. Itat embraces Thieves that work for justice. His followers bear highly polished swords, but it is a very unstructured religion, with no rank. The Holy Symbol of Itat is an inscription on the follower's sword, which is often silver.  In many towns, Itat's priests may draw swords even though it would be illegal for others.
Relationships with Other Priesthoods: Itat’s dual nature as a god of justice and thieves makes his religion hard for some more justice-oriented faiths to accept. Other than that, his followers only have conflicts based on alignment. 


Greater Being Of Pure Magic                                                                                                                                          Lawful Neutral
Portfolio: Mages and their protection
Jasia’s faith has been dead for a thousand years, she has no living priests at all.


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