Friday, August 3, 2012

Proficiency of the Week: Sword: Bastard to Drussus

Each of the following proficiencies takes one weapon proficiency slot:
  • Sword, Bastard
  • Sword, Broad
  • Sword, Claighmor
  • Sword, Cutlass
  • Sword, Drussus and Gladius
All of these proficiencies may be specialized in. Of these five proficiencies, Bastard sword and Claighmor count as hand-and-a-half swords. That is, they provide a 'related weapons' penalty to each other, and hand-and-a-half swords. The others are one handed. A Drussus and a Gladius are essentially two forms of the same weapon, and a character trained in one can swap out the other as desired. As always, the 'special ability' of a sword is only available with training in that particular sword. A character with the Bastard Sword proficiency can wield a Claighmor at reduced penalty, but does not get the ability to wield it without penalty while mounted.

Proficiency:      #Slots:  Can Specialize?            Description: 
Sword, Bastard     1              Yes                          Proficient in Bastard Sword, reduced penalty for other
                                                                                hand-and-a-half swords. Can use one or two handed.

Sword, Broad        1              Yes                          Proficient in Broad Sword, reduced penalty for other
                                                                                one- handed swords.

Sword,                    1              Yes                          Proficient in Claighmor (Claymore), reduced penalty for
Claighmor                                                              other hand-and-a-half swords. Can use one or two
                                                                                handed. Claighmor cannot be wielded one-handed for
                                                                                extended period of time unless character is STR 18 or
                                                                                higher. No penalty for use while mounted.

Sword, Cutlass      1              Yes                          Proficient in Cutlass, reduced penalty for other one-
                                                                                Handed swords.

Sword, Drussus     1              Yes                          Proficient in Drussus/Gladius, reduced penalty for other
And Gladius                                                           one-handed swords.

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