Friday, August 24, 2012

Proficiency of the Week: Assimilation

One of the paramount assassin skills, assimilation is the ability to study a culture, then pull off being a member of that culture.

Here is the description:

Assimilation: The character with this proficiency is able to study a different culture well enough to pretend to be a member of it. Assimilation allows the character to pick up cultural mannerisms (common rituals, expressions of speech, taboos, etc.). It is distinct from Acting but helpful to that proficiency. A character who has both Acting and Assimilation proficiency receives a +1 bonus to checks with either proficiency when portraying a member of another culture. (This is not cumulative with the Acting/Disguise bonus; if a character has all three proficiencies, she does not receive a +2 bonus.)

Assimilation uses an INT check without modifier, and takes 2 slots for non-rogues, or one slot for rogues.

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