Monday, August 27, 2012

Pantheon Mondays:Aenagir


Greater Elemental God                              
Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio: The Seas, Hurricanes
Major Spheres: Animal (sea-life only,) Divination, Elemental (Water or Earth,) Travelers, Weather.
Minor Spheres: Chaos, Charm, Combat, Plant, Protection
Requirements for Specialty Priests: DEX:15  WIS:17, Neutral or Chaotic alignment
Specialty Priest Weapons: Belaying Pin, Bill, Harpoon, Javelin, Net, Spear, Trident
Armor Allowed: None, Any shields
Races Allowed: Elves, Half-Elves, Human
Proficiencies: (Required) None (Bonus)Swimming, Navigation, Boating
Granted Powers:
·         Turn Undead
·         Cast `Water Breathing` once/day. 
·         At 8th Level: Said spell lasts 24 hours and (s)he can cast an extra water breathing spell as per the book description.  All water breathing spells cast by the Specialty Priest cannot be dispelled except by Wish, and will renew themselves if they wear out underwater.
·         At 3rd Level, the character determine depth underwater 1d6 1-4
·         At 3rd Level, the character has infravision when underwater
·         5th and 8th Level: Choose one underwater language, free
·         At 12th Level, 18th level and 21st level, the character can pick up one underwater form to shapeshift into three times a day.
Signature Spells: Cetacean Form, Converse with Sea Creatures, Uncontrolled Weather (all cast as if priest casting level is 5 levels higher .)
Specialty Priests of Aenagir call themselves Girians, they wear muted colors, it is a very unstructured religion. The holy symbol of Aenagir is a silver teardrop and is usually worn on an earcuff, Aenagirians never wear gold. Robes are usually silver or gray. Aenagir also has a small population of druids. They tend to focus on sea life and the ecology of salt water marshes and the sea.
Relationships with Other Priesthoods: The Girians generally do not pay attention to other priesthoods and are rare enough to be beneath the interest of other priesthoods.

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