Saturday, August 25, 2012

Pantheon Mondays: The Gods of Aret and Ara-Introduction

Starting on Monday there will be a new weekly feature, I intend to go through all of the gods of Aret and Ara and post the information used to create 'specialty priests' of those deities. Long time players might notice that some deities that were previously used only for cultist baddies and the like, and are here given the full treatment. Some of this is new, some is not. My players can always ask me for the whole download.

Also, some of the deities share names (or have similar names) to deities of Realspace. Remember, always, that Aretspace is a multi-game area (although I've only posted stuff for uAD&D on this blog) and that area includes being a reflection of the one true world, as does realspace, and that's the general justification for such stuff. ALSO, some of the deities have the same name as some of the Epic-level player characters. Well, duh. Same shiat, different world.

The only thing really missing from this material is the descriptions of poisons of cultists of Momus. I'm trying to take that hand-written material on 20 year old paper and put it in the comprehensive poison guide, which should be posted next year. 

So, something to look forward to!

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