Monday, November 12, 2012

Pantheon Mondays: Caitain and Cambrus


Lesser Goddess of Pleasure and pain                                  
Portfolio: Pleasure, Pain, Dominance and submission, but mostly submission.
Major Spheres: Animal, Astral, Charm, Healing, Guardian, Necromantic, Protection.
Minor Spheres: Elemental, Plant, Sun, Thought, Weather
Requirements for Specialty Priests: DEX:10  WIS:09 CHR:16
Specialty Priest Weapons: Staff, Martial Arts
Armor Allowed: None
Races Allowed: Elves, Half-Elves, Human, Werelynxes
Proficiencies: (Bonus) Anatomy: Humaniod, Courtesan/Concubine, Interrogate, Intimimidation
Granted Powers:
·         At 3rd Level: Inflict pleasure or pain 3 times/day (See Perinine)
·         5th Level: Cleric becomes a lesser werelynx
·         8th Level: Commune with Goddess (this is a special ability where the Specialty priests are literally lifted from this plane to meet with their goddess or just avoid danger.) once a week
·         At 12th Level: charm person/3 times a day or Elven charm once (Charm person, no elven-blood resistance rolls
Signature Spells: Cause Pleasure (-3 to saves, Can touch 2 targets/round,) Cause Insanity and Unquestioning Obedience (-2 to saves), Cure Insanity (never fails), Iron Maiden and Feline Form (2X duration), Love Bite (2X duration and range),
Specialty Priests of Caitain call themselves Caitain's own, they wear very little, favoring robes of bare cut and  headbands with emeralds.  The holy symbol of Caitain is a simple leather cuff, worn around the left ankle.
Relationships with Other Priesthoods: Priests of Caitain tend to dislike followers of Velos, a god opposed to slavery. They tend to get on well with gods that promote slavery or have slavery cultures, such as Ashtha and Lloth.


Greater Elemental God (earth)     
 True Neutral
Portfolio: The Continents, Earthquakes
Major Spheres: Animal, Healing, Elemental, Law, Plant, Sun, Weather.
Minor Spheres: Guardian, Protection, Summoning, Wards
Requirements for Specialty Priests: CON:12  WIS:15, NE, LN, TN, NG or CN alignment
Specialty Priest Weapons: Any Metal or Stone
Armor Allowed: Any metal
Races Allowed: Dwarves, Gnomes, Halflings, Humans
Proficiencies: (Bonus) Signalling (Underground), Stonemasonry, Spelunking
Granted Powers:
·         Fighter THAC0 and Weapon Proficiency tables, can specialize in upto 2 weapons total.
·         Turn Undead
·         Find caves and other "hidden" holes at will unless magically hidden
·         At 3rd Level: Stoneshape 3/times a day.
·         5th Level: Animate rock once a week
·         12th Level: Conjure Earth Elemental once a day
·         18th level: Earthquake once a week until  21st level when it becomes once a day.
Signature Spells: Renew Earth (2X range), Fire on the Mountain, Earthquake and Tsunami (Spells count as level 6 for all purposes)
Specialty Priests of Cambrus call themselves Earth Masters, they wear heavy grayed armor, often enameled to look like stone. The holy symbol of Cambrus is a very special item that is given only to those who've accepted his ways.  It appears to be merely a stone with a natural hole inside of it, but anyone holding the stone will get the affects of a ring of warmth. these "heart stones" are believed to come from the center of the earth and contain their god's love for his clerics. A heartstone ceases to work if its cleric dies. It is a solemn religion that is good for players who like to bash a lot. Earth Masters have the same proficiency tables and Thac0 as fighters, but are bound to the will of their church. Earth Masters are celibate, mostly male and rarely any fun to be with. The priesthood also has druids and regular clerics.
Relationships with Other Priesthoods: Cambrus’s Priests tend to not associate with non-members. Both regular clerics and Earth Masters tend to not associate and to distrust other priesthoods.

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