Monday, November 5, 2012

Pantheon Mondays: Bries

Bries (Breece)    

Greater Elemental Goddess (Earth)                      
 Lawful Good
Portfolio: Mithril, mining and the High Elven culture
Major Spheres: Charm, Combat, Creation, Divination, Guardian, Law, Necromantic
Minor Spheres: Divination, Elemental, Healing, Protection, War
Requirements for Specialty Priests: STR:15  WIS:13 DEX 12; LG, LN, NG or CG alignment
Specialty Priest Weapons: Longsword, shortsword, Longbow, Shortbow (not composite) with flight arrows only.  Dart, Dirk, Flail, staff, Whip
Armor Allowed: Leather, studded leather, elven chain
Races Allowed: Elves, Half-elves, Humans (rarely)
Proficiencies: (Required) Mining, Smelting (Bonus) Weaponsmithing, Armorer
Granted Powers:
·         Turn Undead
·         Can create Elven Chain, but this requires a special forge, Mithril, Silver and several rare and expensive gems expended in the creation
·         May specialize in one of the following: bow, longsword or shortsword. Uses Fighter THAC0 for this weapon
·         At 3rd Level, the character gains the ability to create +1 Elven chain
·         8th Level: Detect iron/Mithril/Adamantite and steel 30ft/ once a day
·         10th level: make Elven Chain +2 (as above)
·         15th level: make elven chain +3
·         20th level:    "                        +4
·         25th level:      "                      +5
Signature Spells: The following spells are cast as if two levels higher and do an additional +1 of damage per die when cast by priests of Bries: Fire Arrow, Charged Arrow, Power Strike Arrow, Poison Arrow, Cold Arrow, Caustic Arrow, Exploding Arrow, Guided Arrow, Impaler Arrow, Plague Arrow, Lightning Strike Arrow.  The spell Garments of Elvenkind may be cast by any cleric of Bries regardless of their race, the spell Detect Metals and Minerals is cast as if 5 level higher. Priests of Bries can cast Shatter Metal as if they were dwarven clerics, even though they aren’t dwarves.
Specialty Priests of Bries call themselves the shining folk they wear Elven Chain and carry Mithril long swords. It is a highly structured religion with rank denoted by the color of the gem  on their holy symbol. The holy symbol of Bries is a small stylized statue of a woman with her arms bare except for dual armbands and raised above her head, holding a gem that represents the rank of the priest (the hands are holding an opal for secular wear. Bries also has elven paladins, who are just like human paladins.
Relationships with Other Priesthoods: The priests of Bries only tend to have problems with other religions along strict alignment lines.

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