Monday, July 15, 2013

Getting Prepared for the new campaign.

After a break (due to my health) and the health of one of my players, this blog was set aside for a while,  and now it should be revived as we're gearing up for our new campaign, which will start in August, and use some slightly different (and new) techniques in what should be an epic storyline.

What's interesting for me (as the DM) is that I will be resolving a storyline that started in 1991 or so, in a campaign where I was playing a person who fought the first iteration of this danger (one of my rare Lawful Good characters who was not a paladin, by the way.) The DM of that campaign, me and 2 or 3 of our 15 some-odd players were really serious about gaming, and it sort of fell apart as we graduated High School, started colleges, started families and moved on, leaving the storyline to sit and moulder for a couple of decades. In my version, all the PCs from that campaign, and most of the NPCs, came to a draw, and headed for the hills. My version is pretty darn different from what I remember, both because I don't want to rewrite a campaign I didn't start, and because it never really ended...

My campaign world, sometimes jokingly called "The Remembered Realms" (because it was contemporary with many of the FR materials) was originally divvied up, as several DM's with their own 'lands' sort of agreed where these lands were on a map. The area of this campaign sits about 1000 miles south of my own 'lands' on the map, and often when I was doing a campaign we just avoided going that way, because 'nothing good comes from there.'

In the 500 years or so of game time elapsed between the campaign from when I was a kid, I've sort of assumed the bad guys got their shit together, stopped warring, and are now becoming a problem for the nearest towns to the epicenter of the badshitquake, which is where my campaign is starting. I've also decided that this is a good introduction to how the campaign world works for new players, and a great way to share the materials.

So....a lot of player materials, data and information will be shared here over the next several months. If you find it helpful or inspiring, or want more details, feel free to email me with more information. Once the characters in town have been 'shaken down' a bit, I may be opening up the campaign with parallel play-by-post type world building stuff. I'm not certain, and make no promises, but, again, it's all about how much I can handle with my own health concerns.


  1. Welcome back! I look forward to what you post; I love seeing this kind of long-term continuity in RPG worlds.