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Fenlock: Stuff Everyone Knows. The Map, NW Fenlock, Part 2.

31.  South Pumphouse. This building contains the machinery for the southern pump of the lock.

32. The Rusty Pumphandle: A Dive Bar with a few rooms

33. The Golden Loaf. An excellent bread and pastry bakery. Most of the bread and pastries served in the city’s inns and bars (as well as in the houses of the rich) come from here. They have a fleet of bakers and deliverymen. Clean, flat stones outside the bakery, as well as its porticoes, provide an excellent vista from which to watch the boats rise and sink. Meat and vegetable pies are baked all day and used to feed soldiers and sailors. They range from excellent to mystery meat. (The mystery meat is usually a mixture of chicken, boiled silkworms and spicy peppers, and quite delicious, unless you’ve skived out by eating silkworms.) The Golden Loaf is always buying meat, herbs, spices and vegetables.

34. The Captain’s Ugly Sister, an inn and bar. Some of the best meals in the city are served here, and the 10 suites of rooms on the second floor are the nicest places to stay in town (other than in the guest rooms of the rich.) It serves as a sort of informal “Officer’s Club” while boats are docked, in which the common rowers or mulemen might find themselves uncomfortable, although they aren’t kicked out by force. 

35. The Silver Saddle, A brothel. Not the largest brothel in town (that would be the Pink Pearl), or the best brothel (that might be the Pink Pearl, but there is dispute) but definitely one of the cleanest brothels around.  The Silver Saddle is more famous for the enormous stone unicorn in the foyer, rearing up on its hind legs with a look of fury in its eyes, its broken horn and split hoof testament to some great and epic battle. The statue wears some completely impractical barding, made of leather chased with silver, and the barding is clearly labeled with the maker’s mark of Campion Saddlery.  

36. The amusement hall. One of Fenlock’s few high-paying non-prostitution related businesses, the amusement hall is a concert venue, with gambling, magic, sleight-of-hand, fortune tellers and the like on the upper floors. They serve beer and mead, and have stands dishing out stews, pies, and hunks of meat on sticks.

37. The Dragon Fountain. A 20ft high roaring dragon soars above this fountain, crisp water pouring out of its mouth and plunging 18ft into a deep and cold pool of pure water. In extraordinary circumstances, it is used as a secondary ‘waterfall’ by the grove of Ordith.  It is also used by the local watersellers.

38. The Wet Wyvern: An inn. Four stories, with a thatched roof, its own bathhouse, a stable and paddock, a small common room and restaurant serving decent food (their pecan- and cherry-roasted smoked pork is excellent) and rooms and suites ranging from 1sp/night for a small bed and a room scarcely big enough to fit around it to 5gp for a small suite or 1cp to grab a mat on the floor in the attack. The Demon’s Dark Dozen (an LG mercenary company that kills fiends and undead) regularly can be contacted here.)

39-49: Small houses, primarily of serfs who work the city herds, as well as at least one dung collector. Most have gardens, wells (some with pumps), chickens and a goat or two.

50. The Lock.  Boats enter this man-made lake all day and are secured. At night, the water is pumped slowly from the pool, then the boats continue down the lower canal, to the south. This guarantee that barges will stay in Fenlock overnight is a common practice locally and part of how the city brings in so much money in taxes on whores and alcohol.

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