Monday, October 1, 2012

Pantheon Mondays: Ashtha


Ashtha the Undying, Handmaiden of Yssrah (her followers don’t use this epithet), Mother of All Dyrakk

Lesser Goddess of Time, Rebirth and Poison                                       
Lawful Evil
Portfolio: Time, Rebirth, Trickery, Poison
Major Spheres: Animal Charm, Combat, Divination, Healing, Law, Necromancy, Numbers Time
Minor Spheres: Guardian, Summoning, War
Requirements for Specialty Priests: DEX:17  INT: 15 WIS:13, Lawful Evil Alignment
Specialty Priest Weapons: Blowguns, Daggers, Whips and Swords
Armor Allowed: Leather, Elven chain, no shields
Races Allowed: Drow, Dyrakk,  Some Elves, Half-elves,  Humans (rarely,) Medusae.
Proficiencies: (Required) Herbalism (Bonus) Brew: Poisons, Sanctify
Granted Powers:
·         Cannot Turn Undead
·         Immune to all Poisons.
·         Brew Poisons: At level 1: Sleep, Type A, Type K
·         At 3rd Level: Backstab X2 damage Brew Poisons Type B, Type O 
·         5th Level: Brew Poisons: Type C, Type G, Type L,
·         8th level: BackstabX3Brew Poisons: Type D, Type H, Type P
·         12th level: Backstab X4 Type I, Type M
·         18th level: Brew Poisons: Type E, Type F, Type J, Type M Backstab X5
·         20th level: Character granted functional immortality and the ability to brew Noble Elixir
Signature Spells: Divide/Create Noble Elixir (can create), Unholy Word (All creatures saving are treated as if half their level,) Dying Curse (Cast without memorizing, as long as they can get the words out.)
Specialty Priests of Ashtha call themselves The Ever-Living. Their Holy Symbol is a double Ourbouros, usually gold and silver. Their robes are often white or pale blue.
Relationships with Other Priesthoods:  While Astha’s worshippers will tolerate followers of Yssrah (until they say something about Astha being her Handmaiden), they hate pretty much every other faith, including evil faiths. Astha, for example, particularly loathes Lolth and Perinine. Slave-cults like that of Caitain are acceptable, as they keep slaves content and prevent revolts. Most good temples are unaware of Ashtha as a deity, but if they knew of them would probably find them objectionable.

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