Monday, October 1, 2012

Lesser Spheres (Clerical Magic)

The Lesser Spheres of Clerical Magic:

Lesser spheres of clerical magic can be thought of as overlapping the major spheres, and were created to resolve conflicts with some of the specific specialty priest classes. A spell cannot belong to only a lesser sphere, but occasionally a cleric who would not normally be able to do a spell because of its regular sphere is able to do a spell allowed of its lesser sphere. For example, while it makes sense for Velos, a god of light, to have access to spells involving light and darkness, and therefore the Sun sphere, it doesn’t make sense for Denit, a god whose followers (or their creations) are often destroyed by Sunlight to have access to the whole of the Sun sphere, since Light is his enemy. A cleric with access to a lesser sphere has access to all pf the spells within it.
Lesser spheres include:
Arcana spells are those directly related to magical spellcasters.
Arachnid spells are those directly related to spiders and their kin.
Archery spells are directly related to arrows and archers.
Art spells are involved in the creation of visual arts.
Assassin spells are involved in assassination.
Avian spells are about birds, specifically.
Concord spells are similar to law spells, except they are focused on groups of people living together in society.
Darkness spells are a subset of Sun spells but lack the ability to create light.
Dawn spells are a subset of Sun spells involving sunrise and other beginnings.
Dusk spells are a subset of Sun spells involving sunset and other endings.
Ecstasy spells deal with both pleasure and religious ecstacy and altered states of consciousness.
Fertility spells deal with plant and animal fertility.
Fey spells deal with the fey realms, faeries and the like.
Fungi spells deal with fungi, as opposed to plants.
Illumination spells deal with both unnatural light and sparks of knowledge.
Labor spells deal with manual labor.
Light spells are a subset of Sun spells that cause non-sun light.
Lightning spells deal with electricity and lightning.
Lunar spells deal with the moons and moonlight.
Miners spells deal with mining.
Money spells deal with money.
Performance spells deal with acting, singing and similar performances.
Poison spells deal with poisons.
Secrets spells deal with hidden things.
Space spells deal with vacuum, spelljamming and outer space.
Stars spells are a subset of Astral spells that involve stars but not the Astral Plane.
Swords spells involve swords
Tricksters spells are favored by trickster deities.
Torture spells torture.
Winter spells involve old and snow.
Words spells involve the spoken and written word.
These are not all of the possible lesser spheres, but these ones whose use came into being in playtesting the comprehensive spell list.

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