Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Blackheart Storage Spell Chain, part one

This spell chain (a group of spells that follow in a progression from each other as they go up in levels) has two 'sets' within it, spell storage and 'stuff storage' used primarily for storing spell components.

Base Spell
Blackheart's Marvelous Marbles
SPELL TYPE: Level one mage spell
SCHOOLS: Enchantment
ELEMENTS: Elemental Magic
DURATION: Instantaneous
AREA OF EFFECT: 1 marble/level
SOURCE: Aaron Blackheart (Aaron the Mad)
SPELL DESCRIPTION: Aaron the Mad's spell storage spells vary greatly in type and number, but this one, the least of the spells, stores one cantrip effect per marble, and the cantrip effect is released upon shattering the marble. The cantrip effect can be preserved indefinitely, but lasts the length of time a normal cantrip might last once triggered. Only effects possible with the spell Cantrip may be stored. A mage can prepare one marble per level per casting of Cantrip. Thus, a level seven mage could store seven cantrip effects in seven marbles with one casting of Cantrip. The material components of this spell are hollow glass marbles, no larger than 1.5 inches in diameter, a piece of paper per effect describing the effect in detail, prepared before cantrip is cast, and the spell cantrip itself. The spell and the paper are destroyed during casting (the mage can rememorize cantrip another day.)  The marbles can be prepared by blowing glass yourself, buying glass floats from a glass blower or by the 3rd level spell craft glass vessel. The spell inside the marble cannot be determined by normal means, but the caster can note the unique color/texture combinations each cantrip effect leaves, and keep track of them. The same effect, from the same mage, will be the same color/texture inside the marble. Gem Access will also reveal the spell. While generally safe, there is a 25% chance that a Marvelous marble will react explosively if placed inside a bag of holding or similar extra-dimensional space. 


Blackheart’s Sphere of Incense
SPELL TYPE: Level three mage spell
SCHOOLS: Alteration
RANGE: 10 feet     
COMPONENTS:  V, S, M, Special          
DURATION: Permanent (see below)
CASTING TIME: 3 rounds       
AREA OF EFFECT: One 2inch diameter glass ball 
SAVING THROW: Negates    
SOURCE: Aaron Blackheart (Aaron the Mad)
SPELL DESCRIPTION: This spell can be used in two ways, the second of which is considered a reversal in terms of game mechanics. The first way requires the use of the spell craft glass vessel as well. In the first way, incense is burned while chanting under the effect of craft glass vessel. When the magic effects combine, the incense is placed into the ball, where its burning is slowed to a trickle that makes minutes take years and years take centuries. Kept in this state, the incense may be used as a spell component for any spell that uses incense, even burning incense, but does not require it to be exhausted for the spell. The sphere holds up to 1lb of incense and 10 cubic feet of smoke-filled air in an extradimensional space (in other words, if placed in a bag of holding it may explode.) If desired, this sphere may be filled with non-incense smoke, another gas, or even left empty, but incense will still be needed in the creation of the sphere. In its second usage, Blackheart’s Sphere of Vacuum, an already prepared Sphere of Incense  may be emptied and refilled with 10 cubic feet of gas-filled air, such as that emitted by a trap. If the thing the gas is pouring from (such as a chemical reaction) is one pound or less in weight, the ball will contain that as well. If the ball is shattered the contents spread, burn and age normally. The ball may be emptied without casting a spell, but creating or refilling the ball requires an instance of the spell. The reverse is used exclusively with already created balls, the original exclusively to create them. If found on a scroll, 99% of the time both versions will be present. If in a spellbook, both versions will always be present.


  1. Oh, I think i will port this first one over to Pathfinder, quite a nice way to make minor magic items, and smashing a glass marble is something even a Int 5 barbarian can do...
    Do you mind, if I post this, pathfinderized and in German, on my blog, with proper credits, of course?

    1. Most certainly! Glad it is useful for you!