Friday, April 27, 2012

Proficiency of the Week: Netherworld Knowledge

So, your biology roll tells you it's not a natural creature. Religion, spellcraft and whatever weird concept you've come up with and begged the DM for a roll on just says this monster is a bad, bad, thing. The Paladin in the party is screaming 'kill it,' the bard is gibbering in the corner, having failed her knowledge roll, and you're gripped with fear as it reaches down into Hell itself to pull out some bad guys to help you. What the hell is it, and how could you know?

This sounds like an opportunity for the use of this week's Proficiency of the week: Netherworld Knowledge.

Netherworld Knowledge is a Mage or Priest proficiency, that is to say it costs one slot for clerics and wizards, and those with access to such things, such as bards and paladins. For everyone else, it costs two slots. The check is WIS based, and has a -3, so it might not be a good pick for someone scraping the bottom of the wisdom barrel.

Here's your Core Rules definition of the proficiency:

Netherworld Knowledge: With this proficiency, a character learns about the cosmology and organization of the AD&D® game multiverse, focusing primarily on the ultimate destination of spirits after death: the Outer Planes. In addition, the character learns about behavior of the dangerous creatures that inhabit the nether regions, including such fiends as the tanar'ri and the baatezu. As with necrology (which applies exclusively to undead), netherworld knowledge can reveal the specific weaknesses and natural immunities of beings from the Outer Planes. The proficiency can also be used to classify the exact type of extraplanar creature encountered. Both of these abilities require an ability check, however.

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