Friday, April 20, 2012

Proficiency of the Week: Dagger, Thrown

The standard dagger proficiency gives you any dagger as a melee weapon, but if you want the special benefits of a katar (punching dagger) or a throwing dagger, you need to take that as a proficiency.

Throwing Dagger's benefits are described in the core rules as:  
                                May throw 2 daggers per round without To-Hit penalty, reduced penalty for single-point throwing weapons (only when thrown.) May use Throwing Dagger as melee weapon. Reduced penalty for non-throwing daggers.
You can specialize in throwing dagger, for a total of two proficiency slots, or go as high as grand mastery, if available to your class. Throwing Dagger is modified by the Missile Attack Adjustment score (under Dexterity.)

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