Thursday, September 18, 2014

Some of the "Professional" Jousters known (or suspected) to be participating in the Fenlock Tourney

The Foreigners:

 Sir Duncan "The Red Wolf" of Bryneth.
Lesser foreign noble with a courtesy title from the King known for his strength  
Arms:  A Wolf Courant, gules, on field argent (a red wolf, running to the left, on a solid silver field)
Colors: Red on silver.
Rumors: A wide man, pudgy but notoriously strong. Known to be ambidexterous, wields an enormous club in the melee, favors shorter horses that are slow but strong, using his sheer bulk to unhorse others, was first in the Arden Vale Tourney last year. Exact title in Bryneth isn't known, it's assumed he's a young son or nephew of the king.

Lady Esmeralda "The Emerald Maiden" McIntosh of Misty Cross
Warrior-maiden from a potent trade house in a large city far to the North
Arms: Four Silver Coins on an emerald green field, presented on a lozenge (a rhombus shape)
Colors: White on Green
Rumors: If not for her famous emerald-colored cloak, picking Esmeralda out from the male jousters would be difficult. Mule-Stubborn, with black hair cut very short, she looks more like a tall boy than a woman. She's very fast, and usually also participates in archery.

The Arden Vale Nobles:

Sir Theodosius of Carago
Fourth Son of a Duke, nothing to lose by losing, and everything to gain by winning
Arms: The green and blue of Arden Vale's nobility, quartered with the City of Carago's blue and white Chevrons.
Colors: Blue, Green and White
Rumors: Drinks too much, gambles too much and never talks to his family but a hell of a jouster.

Lord Martin LaGrace of Arden Vale
15th in line from the throne, one of the King's least favorite bastards, son of a woman from a potent Bryneth Tradehouse (distant cousin, by marriage, of the Thane of Fenlock)
Arms: The Three Silver Chevrons on Blue of the LaGraces
Colors: Blue
Rumors: May be getting too old for this. His brown beard is shot through with silver. Still fierce competitor.

Sir Albert Laguerre of Arden Vale
Only son of a jumped-up commoner, has a lot of money but his bloodline is questionable. 
Arms: Three swords, tied together with a red ribbon, on a pale blue field
Colors: Pale Blue and Red
Rumors: The best armor and horses money can buy make a difference in competition, but Albie's skills on the sports field is contrasted with lack of experience on the actual battlefield. 

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