Thursday, February 20, 2014

The last few houses on the fenlock map

215. The west side of the South gate.

216. The Shrine of the Four Virgins. Long before Fenlock was the successful town it is now it has a legend, now lost to time, of four women killed to protect the city. This pavilion covers the remains of an old shrine, and is part of the tour of religious sites the city makes money from.

217. Raymond Dijoux’s fine jewelry and relics. Primarily a seller of low-quality jewelry used in the tourist trade and paste gems and the like used in costumes. Lots of holy symbols in low-quality metal.

218. Melvine Lapeyre’s pawn shop.

219. Private home of Benedicte Biron, a local trader. Fortified manor house, stone and slate.

220-226. Houses of the wealthy, primarily merchants and company owners.

227. Cenotaph of the Unicorn Rider. A large tomb  the thane built to his favorite aunt, with a 3X times sze statue of armored woman with lance and shield on a unicorn, but no body within.

228-235.  Houses of the wealthy, primarily merchants and company owners.

236.  Rudolphe Bousseau’s Academy of Arts Martial: Primarily a fencing school, of very high renown and extreme expense. The thane has said of Bousseau that he’d take him in a fight—with a lance—because to close within the range of his rapier would be instant death. Bousseau is only rarely in town, he runs academies in Arden Vale and Carago. His son, Rudy (Rudolphe Bousseau IV), is the usual instructor.

237. The Sword Tower. No one is sure why this watchtower is called that, although the portcullis that closes it does resemble giant swords.

238. Home of Michel d’Ardenne, a former paladin of Palladian who is now a cleric of Palladian. He primarily tends his garden and does complex leatherwork.

239-242. Houses of the wealthy, primarily merchants and company owners.

243. The lesser salle. Another fighting school, focused more on the peasant arts, with a rotating teaching staff.

244. The Frozen Well. This well is well known for being ice cold even on the hottest days, sometimes with a layer of ice forming across the top of the water that comes to about 4 inches from the top, again, regardless of the rain.

245. City Garden. The remains of a large house that was destroyed 20 years ago has been turned into a meditation garden, with food and flower crops. It is rumored that a dryad tends the place.

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