Saturday, January 21, 2012

The World as the party knows it.

One square= 10 miles

Misty Cross and the unclaimed lands:

"The World" as known to most cartographers (The Croy map)

From the Factbook:
The Worlds of Aret and Ara in the year 913 post mage-war, or 13,500 on the Grey Elven Calendar has changed greatly from editions in the 750s and earlier, which mostly focused on the maps of the human traveler Marius DeLaCroix, who used complex mathematical formulae and the maps of traders to calculate a world map called the Croix map, or more commonly the Croy Map. While the map was good in many ways, getting the width of lands and the size of continents right, DeLaCroix had no suitable method of calculating distance across water, and regularly grossly miscalculated the distances between continents, basing them on how long it seemed to take to get from place to place, leaving out currents, winds and other phenomena.

Sketch of the more accurate map from "A Man Needs a Maid," a ship in low orbit over the planet, using some of the Croy map for the continents.

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