Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New Weapons under mage.

Instead of saying "Other Weapons as the DM allows" it now says:

For similar reasons, wizards are severely restricted in the weapons they can use. They are limited to those that are easy to learn or are sometimes useful in their own research. Hence, a wizard can use a dagger or a staff, items that are traditionally useful in magical studies. Other weapons allowed are Bagh Nakh, Blowgun, Bolas, Boomerang, Bottle, Cestus, Chain, Dagger (any), Dart, Dirk, Garrote, Gunsen, Iaculum, Jambiya, Knife (any), Martial Arts (max of one slot per style), Net, Pummeling, Sap (blackjack), Scourge, Shuriken (any), Sling, Staff-Sling, Whip or Wrestling (weapons that require little skill, little strength, or both; or non-weapon based combat). Drow Mages (or those taught by them) can learn handcrossbows, Underwater mages may learn tridents (but not staves, unless they learn them above ground) and pure-blooded surface elves may gain proficiency in long or short bow, and long or short sword, but do not get the +1 to hit their race is normally afforded.

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