Monday, February 4, 2013

Pantheon Mondays: Kamah, Kiree


Greater God of Love                                                                                                                    
Portfolio: Love, Lust
Kamah's Clerics are all regular Clerics as described in the Player's handbook. His holy symbol is three entwined rings worn on a chain.
Relationships with Other Priesthoods: Kamah is very invested in the concept of concord, and, like Wyvan, is often represented in small towns and big cities by traveling priests. These priests tend to focus on getting people married and ending wars. It is rumored there exists a top secret collection of lovemaking techniques known to Kamah’s priests, but no one has found them. Note that Kamah, as a chaotic god, is generally more interested in seeing more people having sex and falling in love than in having kids or families. This is one reason why he has so few temples, as those temples would rapidly become little more than brothels and orgies.


She of the Verdant Wastes

Lesser goddess of fertility                                                                       
Chaotic Good
Portfolio: Fecundity, Jungles, Marshes, Alligators and Wild Warriors
Major Spheres: Animal, Chaos, Combat, Elemental, Necromantic, Plant, Sun, War
Minor Spheres:Guardian, Healing, Protection, Wards.
Requirements for Specialty Priests: Dex 15, Wis 9, CG or NG alignment
Specialty Priest Weapons: Any, with preference given towards spears, bows, blowguns
Armor Allowed: None
Races Allowed: Any
Proficiencies: (Bonus) Survivial: Jungle, Direction Sense, Herbalism
Granted Powers:
·         Turn Undead
·         Ability to make Healing potions from Herbs. These will heal 1d4 points of damage per dose. Only 1 dose can be made a day (and the character must be in a jungle to find the herbs,) and an individual cannot use more than three a day.
·         +1 to hit with spears, bows and blowguns
·         Pass without trace as a druid in jungle
·         Find food and potable water in jungle whenever needed.
·         Animal Friendship effect with non-magical, normal sized snakes, alligators, crocodiles and primates
Signature Spells: Sticks to Snakes, Log to Lizard (2X duration), Wood Rot (2X area of effect), Many Thorns (3X duration), Mold Touch, Warp Wood (Casting Time of 1), Holly Dart (no material requirements required when in jungle)
Specialty Priests of Kiree inhabit savage and hot places, and wander through them with impunity, friends to the animals and fed by the forests. Her holy symbol is the frond of a fern. Kiree also has druids. Both druids and specialty priests tend to gather in groups no larger than three.
Relationships with Other Priesthoods: Kiree’s followers tend to live in uninhabited places, so they have little contact with outsiders.